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C. Isabelle et  Fils Inc.  Is a company  known  for their exploitation of the vegetable, produce market.  The company has been in business since 1946 and like many others they are a multi-generational business. Located in St-Michel  de Napierville,  they are approximately 15 minutes from the  border of New York State, a region known for the quality and richness of its soils.  The Isabelle family owns more than 1000 acres of black soil, soil rich in organic matter, which promotes a culture of high quality vegetables.  This area is about the size of 8 football fields.

The Isabelle family grows various types of carrots- orange and various color varieties, potatoes and onions.  The 105 acres of yellow onions and 10 acres of red onions are sent to Onipro Inc. In Sherrington, QC, the Isabelle family has been a member of this Co-op since it’s inauguration in 1961. This Co-op of 13 producers in the region has become the largest onion packer in Canada. Isabelle Inc. Also cultivates 135 acres of ‘’Cello’’ carrots that are primarily packaged by Consu-Pak Inc. , also a co-op.  The vegetables packed by these 2 companies are sold by the Vegco Group, a company that is administered by it’s vegetable growers.   Michel Isabelle holds the title of Director for these companies.

 The 70acres of Nantes carrots and 680 acres of potatoes are packed inthe family packing plant . With the latest technology in packaging, the company has the ability to pack 6,000-50lbs.bags of potatoes and 1,000-25lbs. bags of Nantes carrots, per day, all year round.  Therefore offering unbeatable customer service.  Isabelle Inc. Also hold its certification by the Canadian Council of Horticuture. This program providesnational standards for food safety to ensure food safety during production, storage and packaging of vegetables.

Since 2001a subsidiary was created, Isabelle Export Inc. Specializing inthe exportation of vegetables from Quebec to the U.S. east coast. They can deliver shipments of fresh vegetables within less than 24 hours.

Crops have been monitored by the PRISM consortium for the last 15 years. This consortium is an association of agricultural producers and professionals engaged in research, development and good agricultural practices. This organization also maintains control of chemicals used in the fields, so the company maintains reasonable crop growth. The principles of a reasonable crops are respect for the environment, control of food hazards, and health and safety. Since 2005, with the help of the consortium, the company has implemented a computer program  which can keep track of each field, from the seed to the packing station.


In short,Isabelle Inc.. is a major player in the fruit and vegetable industry thanks to the determination of its shareholders and the dedication of the company to meet the ever increasing needs of its customers. The family is active in the agricultural community since 1946 and, with ready and willingness of the 3rdgeneration, they are ready to meet the new challenges of the 21st century.



The vegetable farm was established in 1946 in St-Michel de Napierville, when Clovis Isabelle and Jeannine Robidoux  acquired their first plot of land, 42.26 acres. Both Clovis and Jeannine came from farming families in the region, their love of the land led them to cultivate several types of vegetables, including beets, carrots, potatoes and cabbage. At the time, there were only horses to work the land, the rest was done by hand. The majority of the production was sold at the Farmer’s Market in Valleyfield. From their union were born ten children, five of which have chosen the agricultural path and as the administrators they oversee all aspects of the development and growth of the family farm. They helped Clovis and Jeannine to meet the needs of the farm and the family. In 1961, the family took possession of a second piece of land consisting of 22.28 acres, they also equipped themselves with new machinery, which would soon replace the horses. In 1986,  C. Isabelle and Son inc. was created. Then from 1987 to 2010, the shareholders bought more than 767.28 acres of land commonly known as organic muck( black earth) that characterizes the region of  ‘’Les Jardins du Quebec’’. In addition to personal land acquisition by the shareholders, more than 1000 acres of this fertile land that were purchased in the region, mainly in St. Michel, St. Clotilde and St. Remi.


In 2001,subsidiaries, Isabelle Inc and Isabelle Export Inc.  were created. The first subsidiary is responsible for packing the vegetables and the local market, the second is focuses on the vegetable trade to the U.S. market.


OnJune 15, 2004, the main building of the company was destroyed by fire two weeks before the harvest. The packing plant and cold storage units were a total loss. Fortunately, with the help of producers in the region, the family was able to package and deliver the new crop to customers. A year later, on June 15, 2005, the new plant was inaugurated. The better performing equipment allowed the Isabelle family to comply with the stricter standards of safety.


Today,in 2011, we are still very proud to present our products. We are present and available for you! We always try to meet the needs of our customers and we look forward to perhaps meeting and serving you for years to come!