Biosecurity, food safety and traceability

One ofthe company's missions is to ensure food safety and consumer health as well. This is why since 2009, the company follows a program of farm safety established by the "Canadian Horticultural Council" called "GAP Canada." This standardcertifies that all efforts are in place for food safety, for example: all lights have a security cover  to avoid that any shards of glass come in contact with the vegetables, accurate records are maintained for all applications made ​​to the fields, whether it be the seeds, any and all pesticides or fertilizers. Employee training is mandatory for rules of  hygiene and others regarding manipulation of all consumable products.

In addition, a computer registry is maintained on traceability, we can follow the evolution of our vegetables from the fields until they reach the markets. So, if a recall is necessary, we are able to trace all packaged products at each of our clients’ locations.

SinceAugust 2010, an outside firm inspects our buildings and all of our records of safety and traceability to ensure that we follow the farm safety program.