Biosafety, health and traceability

Biosafety, health and traceability: a priority

One of the Isabelle family’s missions is to ensure the health of its customers by guaranteeing the safety of food. As a result, since 2009, the company has incorporated a safety program on the farm.

Established by the “Canadian Horticultural Council”, commonly known as “Canada GAP”, this standard demonstrates efforts that have been put in place to ensure safe and wholesome food.

Here are some examples of the initiatives applied to comply with this program:

  • To avoid any splinters of glass in the vegetables, all the lights have been covered;
  • All seeds, pesticides and fertilizers applied in our fields are listed in a computer register to meet our traceability criteria. This process allows us to trace a lot of vegetables from the field to shipping in stores. So, if we have to deal with a recall, it’s easy for us to notify the clientele;
  • The rules of hygiene being crucial for us, each of our employees must undergo a complete training as soon as they are hired.


Since August 2010, we have been subject to inspections by external firms. Our buildings and all our health and traceability records are checked to validate our compliance with the program.