HRI Product

Isabelle inc. : a partner of choice

As a producer, packer and shipper of washed potatoes, Isabelle inc. is present in the Canadian and US markets. Our priority is undoubtedly to pack products of the highest quality, meeting all the standards of safety and for which it is easy to obtain a traceability and this, from the field to the plate of our customers.

Our HRI customers

For many years, Isabelle Inc. has developed excellent strategic alliances, relying on a clientele of hotels, restaurants and institutions as well as distributors and wholesalers.

It is also easy to get products from our crops in different supermarkets, just enter your zip code to find the nearest retailer.

State-of-the-art technology

Because the quality of our products and our customer service is at the top of our scale of priorities, we do not hope to invest in new technologies that ensure timely delivery while dealing with safety foods just like the health of consumers.

Several formats to satisfy all our customers

All of our potatoes – white, red, yellow and Russet – are available in 5lb, 10lb and 50lb bags or boxes.